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Hey Intuitive ...

You've been Empathic, Aware of energy, Able to feel, See, Hear and Know things for so long,

Maybe you've been believed in, or maybe you've been treated like you're 'Too Sensitive'...

And you've probably always wished to feel empowered in your Gifts, Utilising them tangibly!

But there's nothing on offer at University to develop or give credit to these abilities that you want to be acknowledged for, And the old school spiritual text books just aren't really your 'vibe', Right?

If this resonates with you and you'd love to work with Spirit, Offering high vibe Readings... 

I know you'd LOVE becoming a Gifted Expert!

 Founded & Guided by...

Jessica Reid,

Global Clairvoyant & Channel


"If you’ve been wanting to explore and master your gifts, I promise you that Jessie is the girl that you’ve been looking for. I loved every second of this course and found an incredible team of soul sisters that I will cherish for life." - Jess Kaban

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The Live Gifted Experts Certification Course Is Run


And Is Structured With Two Phases, Depending On What Your Goals Are...


Is for you when...

- You know it's your Purpose to share your Intuitive Gifts with others

- You're ready to start a soul-business & provide Readings professionally

- Or you're already providing a service and would like to enhance it with your Intuitive abilities

Is for you if...

- You've always felt aware of energy and highly empathic

- You've always felt 'Intuitive' but you want to learn how to utilise your Gifts tangibly

- You'd love to be able to work with Spirit and do Readings for yourself & your soul sisters

10 Weeks

24 Spaces Available

8 Weeks

12 Spaces Available

"The Gifted Experts Course put a name to what already existed within me: to open up to and trust my gifts, my guides, and myself in a totally new and empowering way." - Delyth

 Exactly what you'll learn... 


Module Breakdown

Module 1

 - Goodbye fears

 - Inner Child Healing

 - Empathic                            Empowerment

- Clearing Your                   Channel

 -The New Paradigm

Module 2

 - Discovering Your            Intuitive Gifts & How      To Utilise Them

- Activating all Clairs

Module 3

- Discovering Your

  Spirit Guides

Module 4

 - Angel Cards

 - Psychometry

 - Pendulums

 - Going Beyond The        Tools

Module 5

 - Tuning Into &                     Discovering A                  Soul's Purpose

Module 6

 - Tuning Into Soul               Mates

 - Twin Flames

 Children In Spirit

Module 7

 - Reading Chakras

 - Health Insights

 - Medical Mediumship

Module 8

 - Past Lives

 - Psychic Future                 Insights

 - Tuning Into                        Timelines

Module 9

 - Mediumship

 - Communicating               With Passed Loved       Ones

Module 10

 - Automatic                          Handwriting

 - Verbally Channeling


24 Spaces Available,  Do You Feel This Is Aligned For You?


How we work together...


Module Trainings

Weekly, Live, Recorded & Uploaded to the Gifted Experts Platform to watch whenever you like, Along with associated Meditation Practices.


Personal Guidance

Following the Module Trainings, I Intuitively tune in with Spirit and hold a live Q&A session to guide you personally. 


Practices & Exchanges

Practicing & Exchanging with each other is where the connection, Magic & Results happen!


Group Support

Connect with your Intuitive

soul sisters and chat with each other along the course, You'll never feel alone!

Module Breakdown

Module 1

- The Purpose Of Your      Readings

- Reading Style

- What Wavelength            You Work & Serve            From

Module 2

- Your Ideal Clients 

- How To Attract

   Them Through Your      Message

Module 3

  Facilitating Readings:

- In Person

- Online Internationally

- For Groups 

- Ethical                                   Responsibilities

Module 4

- Energetic Branding

- Creating Your                   Frontline

- Setting Up Bookings

Module 5

- Price Points For Your     Services

- Your New Money             Story

- Being An Investment     For The Universe

Module 6

- Showing Up

- Promotion & Collabs

- Building A                           Community

- Testimonials

- Raving Fans

- Shout-Outs

Module 7

- Your New Paradigm       Lifestyle

- LIGHTleading

Module 8

- Goal Setting For               Success

 - Graduation

 - Prize Giving!

12 Spaces Available, Sound Exciting For Your Soul?


"I cannot believe I was afraid of my gifts, and of other people with gifts (due to my religious upbringing) for most of my life. I never in my wildest dreams imagined I would open my intuitive gifts like I have in Gifted Experts!

For anyone who is thinking about this course, who has the niggling feeling of “I feel like I should do this”….DO IT!!!!!! I’ve nearly made my invested $$$ back already and we’ve only been finished for a week. The value in your investment of time, energy, money and growth will reward you 888%" - Libby

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When graduating Phase 1&2, You'll be receiving a certificate & digital badge to showcase your training!

 Promoting You!

I Love celebrating & promoting my Gifted Experts Graduates!

I'll be interviewing you and sharing your Intuitive services on:

The Spirit Girls Podcast!

Which has had over 280,000 listeners and is shared through all of my platforms.

As well as listing you on the Spirit Girls

'Recommended Readers' Directory!



Enrolment Is Currently Full,

And Will Be Opening Again In 2022

Join the waitlist for Gifted Experts 7.0

to ensure that you get a discount and the first opportunity to enrol!



From Girls Just Like YOU

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The gifted experts course really gave me the jump start I needed to believe in my gifts. Going through the training's and being able to ask questions to get more clarification around how to approach each week’s lessons were so helpful. When we started to exchange readings & had a safe environment to practice in is when I feel like the doubt really started to fade. I’m even at a point where I am no longer depending on my tarot cards as a tool. I am still on my journey with my gifts & understanding how to use them, but a whole lot further ahead of where I thought would be possible!. Thank you for creating this space for us Jessie!



The Gifted Experts course has been the most transformative experience. The growth that has come from this has been life changing, and I can't what to see how more aligned I become stepping into my gifts. This course has enabled me to reconnect back to my inner truth and regain my power. To work from a new paradigm of love and light. This course has provided me with the confidence to whole heartly utalise all my gifts and share the love with others. I can't thank you enough for holding me to my higher version of myself along with all the love, support and reassurance you have given. I cant wait to start phase two and continue to build upon all the magic you have taught me.

























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Screen Shot 2020-10-02 at 10.59.12


Screen Shot 2020-10-02 at 11.45.42


The Gifted Experts phase 1 course was a wonderful experience for me. Jessica’s weekly training bought me back home to my inner light and truly connected me to higher love vibration in a new way. Her training put a name to what already existed within me: to open up to and trust my gifts, my guides, and myself in a totally new and empowering way. This has been life changing for me personally and also for my soul's purpose which I am literally buzzing about! I am so excited about the journey I am on now, which if it wasn’t for this course I wouldn’t be on… I cannot thank Jessica enough, Jessica always offers endless love, support, empowerment, and total belief in all her students. The group was incredibly supportive and caring, new friendships made. Totally recommend this course if you are feeling the pull to discover your own innate gifts! 

The Gifted Experts course was an absolute magical journey- I was guided to sign up as I was beginning to expand my business and hoping to receive clear guidance on the most aligned way to share my gifts. Jessica guided and supported my journey in getting crystal clear on what the next phase of my soul purpose was at this time and I was able to receive so much loving support from the group as well. My gifts have expanded and amplified into the next level since completing this course. She is truly a new paradigm light working leader and I highly recommend working with her if you feel guided!

I love Jessica and the Gifted Experts course! There's a ton of really practical tools and guided meditations that I'm using to deepen my intuitive gifts. Jessica is extremely gifted, was super supportive throughout the program, provided clarity on my purpose, and helped me to realise EXACTLY what blocks I've been carrying about "not being intuitive". I am working on clearing those blocks now with the tools and support provided in the program so I can incorporate intuitive work into my coaching business. Shes created an amazing community of women who all support each other and I am beyond grateful for the opportunity to be a part of this group! If you want to develop your intuitive gifts and get crystal clear on your next steps, this is the program that will help you get there! 

It took me some time to reflect on the benefits and doors that the gifted experts course has opened. I remember our first training and how happy I felt about being part of the magic that Jessica Reid was holding for us . She is amazingly generous in her support and was always available for question and bring light into our questions. I discovered a whole new paradigm and how to work as a divine being. Having the training and meditation recorded is a huge help and serves me to integrate what we’ve been covering. And last but not least, what a beautiful community created by each member where love flows on a daily basis. Jessica is a beautiful divine guide that I would recommend to anyone seeking for higher potential and ready to take a leap .
I am immensely grateful Jessica Reid. Thank you

The Gifted Experts Course by Jessica Reid – A total gamechanger! I highly recommend it when you would like to bring some more magic and miracles into your life  I cannot thank Jessica enough for creating this precious and valuable course, and for working her light in such a loving, joyful and encouraging manner. It is personal and spiritual development made easy and fun.  This course came at the perfect time and point in my life where I needed it the most. It is the key  to the door inside of you, which you yearn for to open for so long, but did not know how. Thanks to Jessie’s profound wisdom and her well-structured online course with the most important key elements and steps for connecting with Spirit and living a happy, fulfilled and purposeful life, providing practical tools, guided meditations and juicy know-how, I was able to open this inner door and to connect to my inner light, my inner power and my true, authentic self again. This helped me step into a higher version of myself and embrace the next level in the new paradigm. It was an absolute pleasure and joy to go through the individual steps of the course with Jessie and the other girls, and to discover and develop myself as well as my spiritual gifts as it felt so easy with Jessie’s light-hearted, humorous and passionate manner. She always took time for questions and gave new insights. I also benefited from our soul tribe of like-minded soul sisters who were always there for each other, sharing experiences, practicing readings or supporting each other during this magical journey. I immediately felt welcome and appreciated. In the process, I could overcome my fears and doubts, master my energy field, and have more clarity as I learned to communicate with my Spirit Guides and to connect to my intuition, which is an absolute blessing for me and which I am happy about and forever grateful for. Since I was able to connect with Spirit, a lot has been changing in my inner world, and I got my glow back. I trust myself more, and feel that I am enough and that I have enough. I feel just amazing, more centered, confident, powerful, and I am just amazed how much I’ve been progressing through taking this opportunity. Now I know my life’s purpose, what I desire most, my next steps, and I am ready to manifest them, and to live my life to my fullest potential. THANK YOU so much!

My intuition led me back to Jessica Reid. Recently starting my spiritual business I felt that nourishing myself and my soul was vital in supporting my spiritual clients. With this intention in mind, I sat at my computer and closed my eyes. Jessica Reid came to my mind and I goggled her straight away! I had attend one of her meditation groups many moons ago and had loved how welcoming, relaxed and open she was in talking about all the things that lit my soul on fire!
When I saw the 'Gifted Experts' course, I knew that this was the course my guides were leading me to. I have taken many self help courses but this was different. The course was about becoming empowered with my spiritual gifts, defining my unique gifts and offering them to the world at large! Perfect. Jessica's teachings were exactly what my soul was searching for and I couldn't find anything like it in person or online. I joined and straight away I was embraced by the online group of girls that were like the best friends I'd been waiting for! We chatted everyday, about the courses and what was happening in our lives, shared our experiences as we moved though the course and practiced Jessica Reid 's teachings. Most of all, we supported each other grow and become empowered as the 'Gifted Experts' that we all knew ourselves to be.
I am now able to channel my clairvoyance for readings and to support people in the way that I have always dreamed of! My life and my spiritual business have changed in the most beautiful of ways and I cannot wait to continue the journey with Jessica Reid and my new spiritual besties!

Jessica Reid changed my life in a more profound way that I can even explain. The experience that I’ve had during this Gifted Experts course has completely changed the trajectory of my life. I searched many years for a class of this kind and I always felt as though others made it sound like rocket science. Not Jessie! She created such a beautiful environment for myself and my fellow souls sisters to learn. If you’ve been wanting to explore and master your gifts, I promise you that Jessie is the girl that you’ve been looking for. I loved every second of this course and found an incredible team of soul sisters that I will cherish for life.

The Gifted Experts Course With Jessica Reid has by far exceeded the value I got compared to monetary investment of the course. My business as a Spiritual Mentor and Breathwork Facilitator has blown up since the course through not only adding intuitive guidance to my offerings but also through networking with all the amazing Soul Sister Entrepreneurs in the group. I was surprised to realise I had been receiving intuitive guidance my whole life, but just didn’t know how to recognise it. This course helped me to develop my intuitive muscle and become confident in sharing guidance with my clients. Even after the course ended, I continue to feel inspired, motivation and supported by the energy of the group, It’s the course that keeps on giving! If you are a Light Worker looking to develop your intuitive gifts in a light hearted and fun way, I highly recommend investing in this course & yourself!

I went into this course knowing that I wanted to strengthen my spiritual gifts but not knowing how. Jessica's Gifted Experts course is a beautiful journey to discover your own spiritual style and how you're best aligned to tap into spirit and your own intuitive gifts. I wasn't always able to make the sessions with my work schedule but could always catch up in my own time which was perfect for me. I'm continuing to practice the course work and can't thank Jessie enough for creating such magical content that's truly heightened my gifts and raised my vibration. I would 100% recommend this course to anyone on a similar journey and looking to explore their gifts further. Love you more than all the stars in the cosmos Jess! 

The Gifted Experts Course was one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself, personally and professionally. It confirmed to me that I am on the right path with my purpose. It gave me confidence in my intuitive and psychic abilities and strengthened my relationship with Spirit. Ever since completing the course and receiving my certificate, so many amazing opportunities have been popping up for me, including launching my soul business. On top of that, the incredible bonds and friendships I established with my soul sisters in the group. 

"Jess, I absolutely cannot tell you how much I appreciate you and your guidance throughout the Gifted Experts course. 

To say this is probably one of the top investments I have ever made would be an understatement. Life changing to say the least. 


I never in my wildest dreams imagined I would open my intuitive gifts like I have in the past few weeks. 

I always knew I was ‘different’ or had ‘super intuition’ growing up and throughout my life but to be able to tune in, open and grow like I have in this short time is MIND-BLOWING. I never in my wildest dreams imagined I would be giving readings as part of my business. 


Your guidance and the support of the soul sisters in the group was the greatest sisterhood group where we continuously supported and encouraged one another as we started to stand tall in our gifts. And that connection continues outside of the course! 


I cannot believe I was afraid of my gifts, and of other people with gifts (due to my religious upbringing) for most of my life. I am in awe of your ability to help people, especially the girls in Gifted Experts, ensure they are coming from the highest good for all and complete love and light, and nothing but. 

For anyone who is thinking about this course, who has the niggling feeling of “I feel like I should do this”….DO IT!!!!!! I’ve nearly made my invested $$$ back already and we’ve only been finished for a week. The value in your investment of time, energy, money and growth will reward you 888%"



I listened to the Spirit Girls podcast for 10 months before I had the confidence to enroll.

Back then I didn't think I was gifted enough to take on the course. As for my opinion - you really don't need to be all that intuitive entering this course. I had the will to learn and develop and that was more than enough. Gifted Experts is one of the best things I've ever done! It opened up my gifts and gave me the confidence, trust and support to develop them further and take the leap to create my own business.


I felt a great support from the other girls in the group and it felt like we were all in it together!

Jessica is such an amazing mentor and coach - loving, kind and so knowledgeable! She makes you feel so accepted, seen and heard, which is so important for us empaths. She's so encouraging and really help you trust and believe in yourself and your gifts.


The course has a super positive, girly, fun and easy vibe and it truly made me become a Gifted expert! I can't thank you enough Jessie!!!

Joining the Gifted Experts program was the best gift I could have given myself. I learned so many tools to open up intuitive gifts I didn't even know I had. Not only that but Jessie was extremely supportive throughout the course and helped us all realize what gifts came more naturally and which ones we needed to practice more. She coached us and guided us the entire time, and provided a safe space amongst the girls to learn and practice on each other. I am so grateful to have had that group of beautiful souls alongside me on my journey! Thank you, Jessica, for such a magical and life changing experience!

The gifted expert course has been the greatest gift I gave to myself this year. I'm grateful that I answered the call to sign up for this course!
I expected to improve my understanding of my intuition and to increase my connection with Spirit, and sure it happened! But it happened so much more! At the end of the 18 weeks, I was a completely different person, with a renewed sense of purpose, more confident in me, and trusting to be supported all the time by Spirit. And I could never do this alone! Jess is a bright light and led us with love and fun through this path. 
I found the most amazing group of soul sisters I could ever dream of, we supported each other and held our (virtual) hands towards being the most authentic version of ourselves. I couldn't wait for my Monday nights to come each week to go always a little deeper into my soul!

Enrolling in Gifted Experts was the best decision I've ever made! Once I started following Jessie I knew I had to be a part of her Spirit Girls group and I knew I HAD to take the Gifted Experts course! Jessie is so sweet, mystical & enchanting. I couldn't have picked a better soul sister and mentor to follow.

Gifted Experts was so mind blowing. Every module I learned so much and now I trust my intuition more than anything! Thank you Jess for creating a safe space for us soul sisters to enhance our intuition.

Thank you for teaching us how to further our businesses as intuitives as well!"

Resonating?   If you're wanting to feel this way too...

Got Questions? 

Or if you'd like to chat and see if this Course is right for you, Send me an email at


Love, Jessie x

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